Sunday Spotlight: Lilly Pulitzer Lobstah Roll Canvas

This is one of my favorite Lilly prints so I just had to try my hand at recreating it! It actually was a lot easier than I thought! Never imagined I’d be able to paint a lobster! xoxo


This is the Lilly Pulitzer Lobstah Roll print I was inspired by:





A Year of Beer (Part 2)

Decorating beer is my special treat for my boyfriend. I’ve been making them for him for each holiday since Christmas. See my first few six packs, here including my Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day designs.

For Easter I made him these bunny beers again inspired by some other bunny beer ideas I found on Pinterest. This was definitely his favorite Easter basket and he loved the extra hoppy beers!



For Memorial Day my boyfriend and I were headed to St. Maarten for vacation so I decided to make him some vacation beers. This is definitely my favorite six pack so far! And I was super excited to put my glittering talents to use for something that I knew my boyfriend would love!Vacation Beer

IMG_3477 Vacation Beer


I wasn’t quite sure what to do for the 4th of July so again I turned to Pinterest, but alas I couldn’t find any fancy July 4th beers. Instead I found some firecracker centerpieces that inspired this patriotic six pack.

Firecracker Beer

Firecracker SixpackStay tuned for more beers in the upcoming months! The next pack I’m making is for our 1 year anniversary in August! xoxo



A Year of Beer

I love to make crafts for people as presents, but often times my crafting skills are useless when it comes to gifts for my boyfriend. I don’t know about your man, but mine’s definitely not interested in Lilly Pulitzer patterns or quote canvases. However, I did find one way to use my crafting skills for him and that’s with one of his favorite things, beer. I mean what guy doesn’t love beer?

I came across these adorable Rein-beer on Pinterest and just had to make them for him back at Christmas. They were super easy to make and turned out so cute!

ReinbeerSo after he raved about how much he loved the rein-beer, I knew I had to come up with some beer craft for Valentine’s Day. So of course I searched Pinterest again and came up with these adorable daisy beer bouquet. It was super simple to make and he loved them!

valentine's day beerSo now that it’s March and St. Patrick’s Day is approaching I had to come up with another cute beer idea. However, Pinterest didn’t really help me out with this one, so I came up with these glittery leprechaun-inspired beers on my own. They turned out so perfectly that I just had to give them to him early! And let me tell you, he was super impressed!

st patricks day beerI’m definitely going to be coming up with a beer idea for each holiday this year so stay tuned for more! xoxo


I’m Back! More crafts to come soon!

Hi everyone! I apologize for my hiatus! It’s been way too long since I last posted. This past year I have been traveling across the country as a Phi Sigma Sigma consultant which left very little time for crafting unless it was recruitment related. But now that I have a permanent job and a permanent location, I’ll be able to craft again! In the meantime I wanted to share some of the crafts I worked on while on the road.

I started off my travels at work week for our new chapter at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where me and another consultant, Sammy, teamed up to make this banner to advertise their recruitment.

Go Greek Banner

Later on in my travels, I got to help out at Phi Sigma Sigma’s recolonization at Penn State University. Sammy and I teamed up again to paint their wooden letters for Bid Day. Here is our masterpiece along with some of the new sisters!

Sorority Letters

Giant Sorority Letters

And then I got to help out with our other colonization at Farmingdale State College where I painted their first set of wooden letters for their bid day and recruitment.

Glitter Sorority Letters

And one of my favorite projects was creating these flower letters for the chapter at St. Joseph’s University’s Bid Day! The best part of this picture is my biological little sister is one of the new members in it! Wooh, my little legacy!

flower bid day

This is just some of the fun I’ve had this year on the road. And stay tuned for some new projects and inspiration coming soon! xoxo



Sunday Spotlight: Lilly Pulitzer Dock Hopper Quote Canvas

My little sister started college this fall and I wanted her to have a quote canvas to take with her to her new dorm room. A Doctor Who quote that she adopted for the two of us is “Cuddle me Shipmate” so I decided to paint this quote for her. So of course I had to use a shipmate worthy pattern for the canvas! I decided on Lilly Pulitzer’s Dock Hopper print. She loved it! What do you think? xoxo

Lilly Pulitzer Dock Hopper

This is the Lilly Pulitzer Dock Hopper print that inspired me:

Lilly Pulitzer Dock Hopper


Lilly Pulitzer Dock Hopper

Sunday Spotlight: Lilly Pulitzer Trippin and Sippin Quote Canvas

Now you may recognize this quote from the canvas on last week’s Spotlight Sunday but it’s just such a great quote for sisters that I had to use it again! I made this quote canvas for my Grand Lil A. With this one I tried out a Lilly Pultizer print, Trippin and Sippin. I’d love to know what you think of it! xoxo

Lilly Pultizer Trippin and Sippin Quote Canvas

This is the Trippin and Sippin Lilly Pulitzer print that inspired me:

Trippin and Sippin Lilly Pulitzer


Sunday Spotlight: Tribal Print Quote Canvas

So as you know, I’m usually a Lilly girl but my Lil A isn’t one, so I decided to branch out with my painting skills and tackle a new print: Tribal Print. And let me tell you, it was much more difficult than I thought but I love the way it turned out! And this quote is just too perfect for a GA/Lil A craft! It was definitely worth the extra time and effort! xoxo

Tribal Print Quote Canvas

Tribal Print Quote Canvas