Rose Lilly Print Picture Frame

So one of my absolute favorite Lilly prints is the rose print. My big asked me to use this print for her paddle, so I have now perfected my own version of it, so here’s my step-by-step instructions from the matching picture frame I made her.


This is the Lilly Pulitzer pattern that my design is inspired by!

lilly print


  • Picture Frame (Or wooden object to paint)
  • Pale Blue Acrylic Paint
  • Three Shades of Pink Acrylic Paint
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Two Shades of Green Acrylic Paint
  • Black Paint Pen (Optional)
  • Paintbrushes


Step 1: Paint the entire surface light blue. It will probably need a second coat to make sure the surface is fully covered and isn’t streaky.


Step 2: Paint flower shaped blobs in the lightest pink color. One coat is fine, even if you can still see some blue through it. Do not worry too much about the shape, just aim for a cloud or flower shape. And make some of the flowers go off of the edge of the frame so that it looks like the pattern would continue.


Step 3: Add small curves as accents with one of the darker shades of pink. To create the flower shape add a semi-circle in the middle of the flower.


Step 4: Add more accents with the third shade of pink. They can overlay the first accent or stand on their own.


Step 5: Add white accents to the flowers, just like you did with the other two shades of pink.

Step 6: Add small football shaped leaves to the flowers with the lighter shade of green paint. Vary it up by doing two leaves on some flowers and one on others. Also, the leaves can be off of the edge, just like some of the flowers.


Step 7: Add a dark green accent to the leaves by painting half of each leaf.

Step 8: Use the black paint pen to write a message on the frame and you’re done!



Let me know if you try it out! xoxo


4 thoughts on “Rose Lilly Print Picture Frame

  1. I am beyond unartistically talented, and this was so easy to do! I used it to make a gift for my little and it looks amazing!! Thank you so much!

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