Sailboat Lilly Print and Monogram Tutorial

So as a monogram addict and Lilly lover, I decided to combine the two and create a monogrammed Lilly canvas. This could be done with any pattern, like I also did it with stripes for my roommate’s little, but here’s how to create a monogrammed canvas AND how to paint the sailboat Lilly design. Enjoy!


This is the Lilly print that inspired me!



  • Canvas
  • Pencil
  • Computer and Printer (to create monogram)
  • Two Shades of Blue Acrylic Paint
  • Pink Acrylic Paint*
  • Green Acrylic Paint*
  • Yellow Acrylic Paint*
  • Black Paint Pen
  • Paintbrushes

*You can choose different colors if you like, but these are the colors in the actual Lilly print*

Step 1: Create your monogram! The easiest way to do it is by creating it here on For Chic Sake. Just follow the directions to create the monogram and then save it and open it in a word document. Stretch the picture to the size you want the monogram to be and print it. Make sure you choose one of the dark monogram colors, like black, so you can see it through the canvas.

Step 2: Once you have printed out your monogram, tape it to the underneath of the canvas and lightly trace the monogram with a pencil. You want it to be dark enough that you can see it through a layer of paint, but not too dark.



Step 3: Choose one of the accent colors and paint over the monogram. I chose pink because it is my favorite color, but you can choose any color. Paint a solid light coat so that you can still see the pencil through it. Then paint a second coat on the border area, but don’t worry too much about the letters as you will paint them in later.


Step 4: Use a thin paint brush and blue paint to paint the outline of sailboats around the canvas. Vary the different shapes by basing them off of the Lilly design. Cover the canvas with them, making some of them run off the edge.


Step 5: Add the pink, yellow, and green accent colors to the sailboats. Do varying colors and designs to make them all stand out. Afterwards, you might want to re-outline them in blue.



Step 6:  Add blue squiggles as waves around each sailboat. Make sure you fill the entire canvas with them!


Step 7: Trace your pencil outline of the monogram with a paint pen and then color it in. Also outline the monogram shape to help even up the edges of it.



Step 8: Add the second shade of blue waves to provide a final accent. Overlap them with the lighter waves to add dimension.



And now step back and admire your master piece! xoxo



10 thoughts on “Sailboat Lilly Print and Monogram Tutorial

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  2. Just did this and your step-by-step made it SO easy and really fun (the wine I was drinking didn’t hurt either). Planning on hanging this in my living room, and also planning on trying out more of your tutorials! Thank you so much!

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