Vera Bradley Island Bloom Tutorial

Who doesn’t love Vera Bradley? I know I do! So for my newest crafting project I took on painting Vera Bradley’s Island Bloom print for my friend’s birthday. So here’s the step by step of my Vera inspired wooden letters!


This is the Vera Bradley Island Bloom Print that inspired me!



  • Wooden Letters (or other surface to paint)
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Teal Acrylic Paint* (I used blue as I didn’t have any teal paint)
  • Green Acrylic Paint
  • Grey Acrylic Paint
  • Various sized paint brushes

*You can substitute a different color to give it your own personal touch*

Step 1: Paint the surface with a base coat of white. You will probably have to go over it a second time to cover the wood.


Step 2: Using a thin paint brush, create the roses. Start by painting the dots for the center and creating petals outwards from there.



Step 3: Using thin paint brush and black paint, outline the other details such as the small flowers, large long leaves and the sprigs of smaller leaves.



Step 4: Paint the background blue. Don’t worry about going over the black lines, but try to avoid painting the areas that need to remain white.


Step 5: Add colored details by adding the green and grey leaves. Again, don’t worry about going over the black lines.

Step 6: Go over the black lines to redefine the edges and touch up where you may have painted over.


And there you go! Hope you enjoyed this! xoxo


Island Bloom Vera Bradley


2 thoughts on “Vera Bradley Island Bloom Tutorial

  1. I’m absolutely in love with this project! I’m obsessed with Vera Bradley and these letters are way too cute. How long did it take you? Looks like it took a lot of patience but it seems to have paid off. Thanks for sharing this!

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