Leopard Print Letters Tutorial

Who doesn’t love animal prints?! So for my next crafting project I decided to paint some leopard print letters for my secret sister gift. Instead of going for the traditional golden leopard print, I mixed it up with a grey version instead.

Leopard Letters


  • Unfinished Wooden Letters (or other surface to paint on)
  • Grey Acrylic Paint*
  • Black Acrylic Paint*
  • Various Sized Paintbrushes

*You can substitute a different color to give it your own personal touch*

Step 1: Paint the entire surface grey. You may need to add a second coat to cover completely.

Leopard Letter 1

Step 2: Mix the grey and black paint to find a medium shade of grey. You could use a third color of paint for the spots if you prefer.

Step 3: Paint small ovals and kidney beans with the dark grey for the spots. They don’t have to be perfect because you will touch up the edges and no spots are alike anyways.

Leopard Letter 3

Leopard Letter 2

Step 4: Outline the spots in black, completely encircling some while just adding an accent side to others.

Leopard Letter 5

Leopard Letter 4

Ta-da! Now you have yourself some fun leopard letters! xoxo

Leopard Letters 6


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