Pinwheel Ribbon Bow Tutorial

I am obsessed with bows! I have so many I can’t even count them all, but you can never have too many bows! So after having bought some from Etsy and starting to fall apart after wearing them so much, I decided to make my own. Here is how to make the pinwheel ribbon bow.



  • 30 inches of 1.5 inch ribbon
  • 2-3 inches of .25 inch ribbon
  • Alligator Clips
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle
  • Thread that matches the ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Step 1: Lay the ribbon flat and roughly at 6 inches, fold it up and back towards the other end, making the first loop of the bow. I use an alligator clip to hold the ribbon in place as I move onto the next loop.


Step 2: Make the second loop and clip to hold it in place. It should be slightly shorter than the edge so that you have room to cut the edge piece at the end.


Step 3: Make the third loop and clip in place, bringing the ribbon up to make the fourth and final loop.


Step 4: Make the fourth loop and move the ribbon over to the other end to finish it off.


Step 5: Thread a needle with matching thread. Put the need through the middle of the bow. Make sure it is in the center horizontally and vertically, otherwise your bow will be uneven. Pull the needle through the ribbon.


Step 6: Wrap the thread around the ribbon loosely. Pull it tight, making the bow look. Adjust the ribbon if necessary.


Step 7: Continue to wrap the thread around the bow tightly, until the ribbon is nicely secured. Knot it on the back and cut off the excess thread.


Step 8: Cut the edges of the bow into a “V” shape by folding them in half and making a diagonal cut.


Step 9: Now take the 1/4 inch ribbon and hot glue gun. Place a dot of hot glue on the back of the ribbon and secure the edge of the ribbon. photo(37)

Step 10: Add a second dot of hot glue on top of the thin ribbon and secure one side of the alligator clip. Hold the clip open as the glue dries so that you do not glue it closed.

Step 11: Wrap the thin ribbon around the front of the bow and back to the back. Slide it into the alligator clip and add hot glue securing both the clip and the ribbon. Cut off the leftover ribbon.


photo(30)And there you go! Now you have a beautiful bow to wear and dress up any outfit! Here’s a picture of me modeling this DIY bow! Jo Ann Fabrics sells the ribbon by the inch in tons of different colors so you can buy just enough for one bow and buy some in every color! Happy bow making! xoxo


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