I’m Back! More crafts to come soon!

Hi everyone! I apologize for my hiatus! It’s been way too long since I last posted. This past year I have been traveling across the country as a Phi Sigma Sigma consultant which left very little time for crafting unless it was recruitment related. But now that I have a permanent job and a permanent location, I’ll be able to craft again! In the meantime I wanted to share some of the crafts I worked on while on the road.

I started off my travels at work week for our new chapter at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where me and another consultant, Sammy, teamed up to make this banner to advertise their recruitment.

Go Greek Banner

Later on in my travels, I got to help out at Phi Sigma Sigma’s recolonization at Penn State University. Sammy and I teamed up again to paint their wooden letters for Bid Day. Here is our masterpiece along with some of the new sisters!

Sorority Letters

Giant Sorority Letters

And then I got to help out with our other colonization at Farmingdale State College where I painted their first set of wooden letters for their bid day and recruitment.

Glitter Sorority Letters

And one of my favorite projects was creating these flower letters for the chapter at St. Joseph’s University’s Bid Day! The best part of this picture is my biological little sister is one of the new members in it! Wooh, my little legacy!

flower bid day

This is just some of the fun I’ve had this year on the road. And stay tuned for some new projects and inspiration coming soon! xoxo




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