Sunday Spotlight: Lilly Pulitzer Lobstah Roll Canvas

This is one of my favorite Lilly prints so I just had to try my hand at recreating it! It actually was a lot easier than I thought! Never imagined I’d be able to paint a lobster! xoxo This is the Lilly Pulitzer Lobstah Roll print I was inspired by: Advertisements

Sunday Spotlight: Lilly Pulitzer Trippin and Sippin Quote Canvas

Now you may recognize this quote from the canvas on last week’s Spotlight Sunday but it’s just such a great quote for sisters that I had to use it again! I made this quote canvas for my Grand Lil A. With this one I tried out a Lilly Pultizer print, Trippin and Sippin. I’d love […]

Lilly Pulitzer Let’s Cha Cha Tutorial

Hello Lilly lovers! Whose ready for another Lilly tutorial? I know, its been a while. If you saw my post about my Little’s craft crate, I’m sure you saw this Lilly print photo frame. Here’s the step by step instructions on how I painted this pattern! This is the Lilly Pulitzer Let’s Cha Cha Pattern […]

Sunday Spotlight: Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Monogram Paddle

Every big needs a paddle right? Well I think so! Which is exactly why I decided to make my school big a paddle for her birthday! Since she’s my school big (my mentor, inspiration in life) we don’t have letters that we share so I had to come up with something else to fill the […]

Lilly Pulitzer Seashell Pattern Tutorial

If you didn’t already know, I love Lilly! So to celebrate the summer I decide to try painting this fun Lilly seashell print, called Chiquita. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and here is how I did it, step by step. This is the Lilly Pulitzer Chiquita Pattern that inspired me! Supplies: Unfinished […]

Sailboat Lilly Print and Monogram Tutorial

So as a monogram addict and Lilly lover, I decided to combine the two and create a monogrammed Lilly canvas. This could be done with any pattern, like I also did it with stripes for my roommate’s little, but here’s how to create a monogrammed canvas AND how to paint the sailboat Lilly design. Enjoy! […]