I’m Back! More crafts to come soon!

Hi everyone! I apologize for my hiatus! It’s been way too long since I last posted. This past year I have been traveling across the country as a Phi Sigma Sigma consultant which left very little time for crafting unless it was recruitment related. But now that I have a permanent job and a permanent […]

Spotlight Sunday: Lil A’s Crafts

So if you saw my recent post, you know that I just got my adorable little! Well I just got an adorable Lil A too! A Lil A is a “Little Angel” and I am her “Guardian Angel” or GA. I’m pretty much another big or person to watch over my Lil A and guide […]

Rose Lilly Print Picture Frame

So one of my absolute favorite Lilly prints is the rose print. My big asked me to use this print for her paddle, so I have now perfected my own version of it, so here’s my step-by-step instructions from the matching picture frame I made her. This is the Lilly Pulitzer pattern that my design […]