Lilly Pulitzer Dot Dot Hop Tutorial

Hey y’all! I’m back with another Lilly tutorial! My little sister asked me to help her paint a Lilly canvas for her friend, so I decided the best way to show her was to each make a canvas and work together step-by-step. So here is the canvas I ended up making for one of my […]

Lilly Pulitzer Let’s Cha Cha Tutorial

Hello Lilly lovers! Whose ready for another Lilly tutorial? I know, its been a while. If you saw my post about my Little’s craft crate, I’m sure you saw this Lilly print photo frame. Here’s the step by step instructions on how I painted this pattern! This is the Lilly Pulitzer Let’s Cha Cha Pattern […]

Lilly Pulitzer Seashell Pattern Tutorial

If you didn’t already know, I love Lilly! So to celebrate the summer I decide to try painting this fun Lilly seashell print, called Chiquita. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and here is how I did it, step by step. This is the Lilly Pulitzer Chiquita Pattern that inspired me! Supplies: Unfinished […]

Leopard Print Letters Tutorial

Who doesn’t love animal prints?! So for my next crafting project I decided to paint some leopard print letters for my secret sister gift. Instead of going for the traditional golden leopard print, I mixed it up with a grey version instead. Supplies: Unfinished Wooden Letters (or other surface to paint on) Grey Acrylic Paint* […]

Vera Bradley Island Bloom Tutorial

Who doesn’t love Vera Bradley? I know I do! So for my newest crafting project I took on painting Vera Bradley’s Island Bloom print for my friend’s birthday. So here’s the step by step of my Vera inspired wooden letters! This is the Vera Bradley Island Bloom Print that inspired me! Supplies: Wooden Letters (or […]

Sailboat Lilly Print and Monogram Tutorial

So as a monogram addict and Lilly lover, I decided to combine the two and create a monogrammed Lilly canvas. This could be done with any pattern, like I also did it with stripes for my roommate’s little, but here’s how to create a monogrammed canvas AND how to paint the sailboat Lilly design. Enjoy! […]